Imagine not having to deal with tedium, frequency, and pain of constantly getting rid of unwanted hair. Imagine a laser beam of light that can get rid of your unwanted hair and keep it away for a long time. Sound too good to be true?
Just kiss your razor goodbye, toss your tweezers, lose the wax.
With laser hair removal form Saint Joseph Medical Center, every inch of your skin will be as smooth as you want it to be.

  • Laser Hair Removal

      • Laser Hair Removal for Men and women alike can now make unwanted facial or body hair a thing of the past and forget about painful waxing, electrolysis and razors.
        The laser Hair Removal system delivers 21st century technology, in our office, for the treatment of this distressing problem. The LightSheer system presents a revolution in hair removal. Using technology beyond that of other lasers, the LightSheer can disable hundreds of hair follicles in less than one second. The procedure is computer-guided and promises long-lasting results.
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